i.MX 8M SOM Thermal Management Print


Depending on the processor operational mode, running software, environmental conditions, the i.MX 8M SOM may require special thermal management. Largely, this depends on the power consumption of the i.MX 8M device.

For general information on the estimation of the i.MX8M heat dissipation, please refer to the NXP i.MX 8M Quad Power Consumption Measurement application note.

For general applications, Emcraft recommends using the Advanced Thermal Solutions ATS-FPX025025025-76-C3-R0 or ATS-FPX025025025-46-C3-R0 heat sinks. Thermal properties of these two parts are very similar.

Emcraft recommends using the push pins ATS-HK127-R0 for attaching the heat sink to the board.

If the thermal performance of the heat sink is not sufficient for a specific customer application, a fan can be used. Emcraft recommends using the following parts:

  • Sunon MC25060V2-000U-A99;
  • Sunon MC25060V1-000U-A99;
  • Sunon MC25100V2-000U-A99;
  • Sunon MC25100V1-000U-A99.

These fans have a 2-wire lead termination and do not contain connectors. You need to select a fan connector matching the carrier board. In a typical implementation, a 2.54 header can be used as a fan connector on a carrier board. In this implementation, any 3-pin single row 2.54mm female connector can be used for connecting the fan to the baseboard. For example:

When a fan is used, low height wheatsinks can be used (for example, ATS-FPX025025010-43-C3-R0 or ATS-FPX025025010-73-C3-R0.)

The Serpac 6008 is recommended to fasten the 6.9mm fan (MC25060xx) to the 25mm heat sink (FPX025025025-xx).

For other fans and heat sink combinations, refer to the following table:

Fan 10mm Heat Sink 25mm Heat Sink
6.9mm (MC25060xx) Serpac 6003 Serpac 6008
10mm (MC25100xx) Serpac 6008 Serpac 6007