Renesas MSRZFive System-on-Module


The MSRZFive is an Open Standard Module compliant System-On-Module (SOM) designed by Emcraft’s partner, ARIES Embedded. Emcraft provides support, design and customisation services for the MSRZFive SOM, with emphasis on customers based in Americas.

The MSRZFive is based on the Renesas 64-bit RISC-V architecture . The MSRZFive combines compact design and a wide range of services, bringing low power consumption, thermal efficiency and low-cost to embedded systems.

Peripheral functions include support for multiple interfaces, such as two Gigabit Ethernet channels, two USB 2.0 channels, and two CAN channels, as well as dual A/D converter modules, making the SOM ideal for applications such as entry-class social infrastructure gateway control and industrial gateway control.

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The following is the high-level diagram of the MSRZFive:

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Hardware Resources

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Refer to the following page at the ARIES Embedded web site for detailed technical specs for the MSRZFive SOM:

Starter Kit


MSRZFive Starter Kit

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Refer to the following page at the ARIES Embedded web site for information on the Starter Kit for the MSRZFive SOM:

Contact Emcraft about ordering the Starter Kit.



Software Documentation

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Contact Emcraft to receive pointers to the Linux BSP and Yocto distribution for the MSRZFive SOM.



MSRZFive Engineering Services

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Emcraft and Aries provide the following software development services for the Renesas MSRZFive SOM:

  • Customization of Yocto build and meta-layer for custom requirements;
  • Portation of Linux BSP to custom hardware boards;
  • Development, validation and integration of Linux device drivers;
  • OTA software updates, with support for redundant boot images and fail-back to previous boot set on update failure;
  • Boot time optimizations;
  • Power consumption optimizations.

Emcraft and Aries provide the following hardware development services for the MSRZFive SOM:

  • Development of custom MSRZFive SOM boards based on the MSRZFive SOM reference design;
  • Review of custom carrier boards for the Renesas MSRZFive SOM.



Ordering Info

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Contact Emcraft to get a quote for required configuration and quantity of the MSRZFive SOM.


Part Number Description
MSRZFive-A0A Renesas RZFive R9A07G043F01GBG, 512MB DDR4 RAM, no eMMC NAND Flash, 128MBit SPI-NOR, -25°...+85°C

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