Debugging the i.MX 8M SOM Using ARM DS-5 Print


The Arm DSTREAM High-Performance Debug and Trace unit enables powerful software debug and optimization on any ARM processor-based hardware target, including the i.MX 8M. ARM provides a dedicated development environment, the DS-5 development studio, that can be paired with the DSTREAM debugger for providing great debugging capabilities.

Refer to the ARM web site for information on where to buy the DSTREAM debugger, and for instructions on how to obtain and install the DS-5 development studio:

Emcraft provides a pre-built DS-5 platform configuration that can be used for enabling support for the i.MX 8M System-on-Module in the DS-5 studio. The below screen cast video shows how to import the configuration into the DS-5 studio, and start debugging a Cortex-M4 application: