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This is the Linux BSP (Board Support Package) for the Emcraft Systems i.MX 6ULL SOM Starter Kit.

The BSP provides a software development environment for evaluation and development of Linux on the Cortex-A7 processor core of the i.MX 6ULL microprocessor using the Emcraft Systems  i.MX 6ULL SOM Starter Kit as a hardware platform.

Supported Features

The following list summarizes the features and capabilities of this release of the  i.MX 6ULL SOM Starter Kit BSP:

  • U-Boot firmware:
    • Runs on the Cortex-A7 core;
    • U-Boot v2015.04;
    • Target initialization from power-on / reset;
    • Loads from NAND Flash and runs from RAM;
    • Serial console;
    • Ethernet driver for loading images to the target from network;
    • Serial driver for loading images to the target over UART;
    • Device driver for Flash and self-upgrade capability;
    • Device driver for storing environment and Linux images in Flash;
    • Autoboot feature, allowing boot of OS images from Flash or other storage with no operator intervention;
    • Persistent environment in Flash for customization of target operation;
    • Sophisticated command interface for maintenance and development of the target.
  • Linux:
    • Runs on the Cortex-A7 core;
    • Linux kernel v4.9;
    • Device drivers for all key I/O interfaces of the i.MX 6ULL;
    • MTD-based Flash partitioning and persistent UBI Flash file system in Flash;
    • busybox v1.17;
    • POSIX pthreads;
    • Loadable kernel modules;
    • Large pool of pre-built Linux packages ready for the Cortex-A7 core.
  • Development environment:
    • Linux-hosted cross-development environment;
    • Yocto 1.8.1 distribution;
    • Development of multiple projects (embedded applications) from a single installation.

New and Changed Features

This section lists new and changed features of this release:

  1. Provide Linux tools to manipulate U-Boot environment from the shell prompt.
    ID: RM 1807.
  2. Add support for FEC2 in Linux.
    ID: RM 2642.
  3. Fix project build dependencies to correctly rebuild the images.
    ID: RM 3186.
  4. Fix U-Boot autobooting when no console cable is connected.
    ID: RM 3784.
  5. Fixed Busybox FTPD memory leak.
    ID: RM 3786.

Known Problems & Limitations

This section lists known problems and limitations of this release:

  1. Development Environment: pkg-add doesn't work.
    ID: RM 1005.
    Workaround: None.
  2. Development Environment: pkg-list doesn't work.
    ID: RM 1006.
    Workaround: None.