Release 2.1.0 of Linux Cortex-M

A new release of the Emcraft Embedded Linux distribution is now available, and it now includes the Linux kernel 4.2 running on the STM32F746 MCU.

The Linux kernel ver. 4.2 is a big improvement compared to the previously supported version 2.6. Thousands of people participated in this development. Here are a few specific improvements that may benefit you in your next project:

  • Support for new USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth devices;
  • An ability to mount large flash file systems quickly, shortening boot up time;
  • More options for profiling and debugging.

Active customers are invited to download the release 2.1.0 here. Or, here is a link to the release notes.

If you would like to learn how to use the updated BSP in practical embedded applications, our engineering team has put together this page with over 25 application notes.