Building C++ Applications Print


In order to build a C++ application, do the following.

After activation of the cross-build environment (. ./, run the following command for Cortex-M3 targets ( being the application in the below example):

$ ${CROSS_COMPILE_APPS}g++ -o SimpleClass -mcpu=cortex-m3

If your target is Cortex-M4 or Cortex-M7, run the following command instead:

$ ${CROSS_COMPILE_APPS}g++ -o SimpleClass -mcpu=cortex-m4

Run the application on the target (assuming /mnt is NFS-mounted to the host):

/ # /mnt/SimpleClass
This program was written on 1-9-1999
This program was modified on 5-10-1999
/ #

NOTE: The sample application used in this application note was downloaded from the following web site: