Installing a Bootable Linux Image to the Target Board Print


Step through the following procedure in order to install the <project>.uImage bootable Linux image to your board:

  1. If the U-boot firmware is not installed on your board, step through the procedure described in Section 5.7 of the Linux LPC18XX BSP Guide for the Hitex LPC1850 Eval Board in order to install the U-Boot image (u-boot.bin).
  2. Download the bootable Linux image (<project>.uImage) and copy it to the TFTP boot directory on your development host (C:\Program Files\Tftpd32 if you installed Tftpd32 on the Windows host).
  3. Connect to the serial console, reset the board and stop auto-boot by hitting any key. Being at the U-Boot prompt, run the following U-Boot commands to load the image over TFTP and install it to the Flash:
  4. BOARD> setenv image <project>.uImage
    BOARD> run update

  5. Next reset will load the newly installed image from the Flash:
  6. BOARD> reset
    resetting ...