Building a Sample Project and Installing it to the Target Board Print


Step through the following procedure in order to install the <project>.tgz sample project to your board:

  1. Go to the top of your Linux Cortex-M installation and activate a Linux Cortex-M development session:
  2. [psl@pvr linux-cortexm-x.x.x]$ . ./

  3. Unpack the sample project:
  4. [psl@pvr linux-cortexm-x.x.x]$ tar zxf <project>.tgz

  5. Go to the new project directory and build a Linux image ready for download to the target by U-Boot:
  6. [psl@pvr linux-cortexm-x.x.x]$ cd projects/<project>
    [psl@pvr <project>]$ make

  7. Install the bootable Linux image (<project>.uImage) to the target board as described here.

Note: Answering the question where to get the uClinux distribution from, there are two ways to proceed:

  • You can purchase the supported BSP and the distribution from the Emcraft on-line store.
  • The full source trees of U-boot and the Linux kernel are available for free download from the Emcraft repositories at

Please note that Emcraft will not be able to provide support, via email or otherwise, unless you are a customer of our BSP and software distribution. In spirit of GPL, we try to help with making our sources available for anyone willing to take a look but we can't afford to provide detailed support to non-paying customers.