Release 1.12.0 of Emcraft's Linux Cortex-M

Release 1.12.0 of Linux Cortex M is now available. Here is what’s new:

  • Support for the STM32F429 SOM
  • Support for the M2S010-FG484 variant of SmartFusion2 SOM
  • Linux SPI device driver for the Kinetis K70 and K61
  • Linux device driver for the USB FS interface of the Kinetis.

The new STM32F429 SOM provides 32MB SDRAM, making very suitable for running uClinux on the STM32F4.

The SmartFusion2 M2S-FG484 SOM is available in two variants, using the Microsemi M2S010-FG484 and M2S050-FG484 FPGA devices.

Here is the list of enhancements and defect-fixes in Release 1.12.0:

  • Vybrid serial device driver hangs on Ctrl-C (ID: RT 86689)
  • Develop a qtdemo sample project for VF6 SOM (ID: RT 87264)
  • Develop an SPI device driver for the uClinux Kinetis (ID: RT 88844)
  • Indicate an error if an ELDK package cannot be queried in rfs-builer.py
    (ID: RT 88849)
  • Add a capability to include a local directory with all its files in initramfs
    (ID: RT 88876)
  • VF6 Linux: mtd0 should not include U-Boot image (ID: RT 88889)
  • VF6 U-Boot: Introduce the flashboot macro (ID: RT 88890)
  • Develop a Linux device driver for the Kinetis USB FS interface (ID: RT 89239)
  • Support static splash image in U-boot on VF6 SOM (ID: RT 89558)
  • Only one SPI channel can be enabled in uClinux SmartFusion2 at a single time
    (ID: RT 90480)
  • VF6 Linux: GPIO driver drops pin configuration (ID: RT 90589)
  • USB0 controller of VF6 cannot be declared as a USB host controller (ID: RT 90816)
  • FEC1 of VF6 does not work in Linux (ID: RT 90817)
  • The kernel waits for 10s before discovering an SD card on VF6 (ID: RT 90819)
  • U-boot hangs on VF6-SOM rev 2A on power up (ID: RT 90823)
  • VF6 QSPI driver does not support Flash devices with sizes other than 16Mb
    (ID: RT 90899)
  • Implement QSPI Flash "data learning pattern" in Vybrid U-Boot (ID: RT 91311)
  • Clean up the Kinetis Linux SD Card device driver (ID: RT 91454)
  • Increase SRAM area for MQX app on VF6 (ID: RT 91540)

Active customers of Linux Cortex-M are invited to download Release 1.12.0 from the Emcraft web site.

For new customers, Linux Cortex-M 1.12.0 is available for immediate purchase on-line: